About Us 
We produce America's #1 green beans—farm-fresh, delicious and perfectly-formed. Our special packaging ensures freshness and quick cooking. Try our beans, carrots or vegetable medleys for easy and nutritious side dishes.

We're proud to be the largest grower/processor of fresh, trimmed green beans in the country during the May to October harvest season

Who We Are...
GreenLine was founded in 1985 as an entrepreneurial, family-owned company, and for over 26 years (and now with well over 200 employees) we've been working to help families quickly and easily enjoy our fresh green beans. Our primary focus is on green beans - including traditional beans, french beans and a few vegetable blends. Additionally, we offer certified organic green beans and hydroponic bibb lettuce. We're constantly working on new products to delight our customers.

What We Do...
GreenLine grows thousands of acres of green beans, processes hundreds of thousands of bushels, and markets millions of pounds of fresh trimmed green beans — all year round — to wholesalers and distributors across the country. We are the largest fresh, trimmed green bean producers in North America, controlling everything from planting our seeds through delivering extra-fresh microwavable bags of veggies to your local supermarket.

How We Do It...
We grow our own proprietary hybrid seeds, developed not only for pleasing flavor and color, but to withstand the rigors of harvesting and processing. Developed from years of experience and expertise, our quality farming nurtures the seeds from planting through our exclusive early harvesting—a technique that captures and prolongs the quality and flavor of young, tender green beans, and adds year round value to our customers' meals.

Our private fleet of refrigerated trucks rushes the beans from our farms to our distribution and processing facilities. We have four processing centers that wash, trim, pack and distribute 45 million pounds of green beans each year. These centers are located across the country (Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and California) to help ensure that our beans will arrive fresh and delicious no matter where you live.

When our beans reach your kitchens, they're trimmed and ready to cook. Properly resealed and refrigerated after opening, GreenLine fresh trimmed green beans will outlast any "locally grown" seasonal varieties. Quick preparation, consistent quality, and easy storage all help ensure your satisfaction— and the delightful flavor will keep you coming back for more.


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